How to Repair Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File?

Utilize the Outlook Recovery Tool for fixing the corrupted Outlook 2016 Data file. By using this tool, you can easily restore deleted emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, journal entries, and other Outlook attributes. Download the software now and start fixing your corrupt Outlook 2016 PST file!!!

A number of users prefer Microsoft Outlook application as it avails a rich-set of features. Alike all older editions, even Outlook 2016 PST files are susceptible to corruption. The damages or corruptions to the Outlook PST file will lead to deletion and inaccessibility to your important email items. Most common reasons that give rise to Outlook 2016 PST file corruption include the following-

  • Sending or receiving Outlook 2016 PST file over a shared network
  • Virus intrusion on the storage drive where Outlook 2016 data file is located
  • Attempting to access Outlook 2016 PST using different/older versions of Outlook application
  • Forcibly quitting the Outlook 2016 application during synchronization
  • Shutting down the computer when Outlook app is in use
  • Damage/corruption to the Outlook 2016 PST file headers
  • Inappropriate way of upgrading the operating system
  • Software conflicts and other Outlook errors

Use Inbox Repair Tool scanPST.exe to repair corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File

If your Outlook 2016 PST file gets corrupted due to any of the above-stated reasons, then you need to fix the Outlook in order to access your Outlook profile further. Else, the access will be clogged. Now, to repair corrupt Outlook 2016 profile you might first opt the Inbox Repair Tool, an inbuilt fix available in Outlook. But, you need to remember a few things before you start to fix your broken PST file using Inbox Repair Tool.

  • The tool cannot handle severe corruptions in Outlook. When it fails to fix the file, your data files will display some unreadable characters
  • It works on original PST; thus you need to backup the file before the fixing process starts
  • If you don’t backup PST file before the repair process, and if the corruption issue is not resolved then the data remains inaccessible

If you are finding it troublesome to fix the PST files on Outlook 2016 using the inbox repair tool (or scanpst.exe) then don't worry for any longer because there is another fine way of doing it. The Outlook Recovery Tool is the robust software that effectively scans and fixes the Outlook mailbox and retrieves all the Outlook data in a safe and sound manner. You can utilize this program even if the inbox repair failed to fix the corruption.

Free Outlook Recovery Tool to Fix Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File & Recover All It's Emails, Contacts, Notes, & other Items:

Now you can effortlessly repair Outlook 2016 PST file on any Windows-based computers including Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. Along with repairing PST file the tool can recover deleted contacts from Outlook 2016 within a fraction of time. The program works in a read-only mode i.e. it reads the corrupted Outlook 2016 PST file, creates a replica and repairs it. Thus, it doesn’t modify your Outlook data file at any cost. Including MS Outlook 2016, this repair application supports all Outlook editions like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc.

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Procedure to repair corrupt Outlook 2016 PST file:

Step 1: Launch the software and in the main screen, 3 options will be displayed for you to select the PST file.

  • Open default PST file: Select this option if you want the software to open the PST file associated with the Outlook profile.
  • Select PST file manually: The location of PST varies with each version of Outlook. Use this option if you know the location of your PST file for the Outlook version you have.
  • Find all your PST files: You can use this option if you are not able to find the PST file or the file is not in the default location on your computer.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: After selecting the PST file, you will have 2 scanning options - Normal and Smart Scan

  • Normal Scan: Select Normal Scan if your PST file has minor corruptions or when Outlook has trouble opening normally.
  • Smart Scan: Smart Scan is suitable when the PST file is severely corrupt or when you want to recover deleted items such as emails, contacts etc.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File - Select Scanning Method

Figure 2: Select Scanning Method

Step 3: Click on Browse to select a location to save repaired PST files and then click Next.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File - List of Recovered Data

Figure 3: Choose Destination path

Step 4: Allow the software to complete scanning. The scanning time depends on the level of corruption and size of the PST file. Once complete, you can look in the destination folder for the repaired PST file.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2016 PST File - List of Recovered Data

Figure 4: List of Recovered Items