Troubleshoot Outlook Calendar Error Code 2016


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Some years back, most of the people were synchronizing their Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook easily. But nowadays, they are getting an error "Error syncing your calendar. Error code: 2016” while synchronizing Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar. This is just because Google has ended its support to Google Calendar Sync software, which is used to sync Outlook calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

What Can Be Done to Fix the Error Code 2016?

The one and the only option to fix the error code 2016 is uninstalling Google Calendar Sync. To uninstall follow following steps-

  • Go to Start and open Control Panel
  • Select Programs and click on Programs and Features option
  • Search and select Google Calendar Sync
  • Right click on Google Calendar Sync and press Uninstall

Then, how to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar?

It is true that, you can’t use Google Calendar Sync software, but there are so many other tools which can be used to sync Google Calendar with Outlook calendar. But, you should be careful while using these tools. If not, Calendar items will go missing from Outlook calendar folder.

Need to Know-

You might lose Outlook calendar items while synchronizing Google Calendar. In such situation, make use of Outlook Recovery tool to get back your deleted or lost calendar items. Not just deleted Outlook calendars, the software even helps to recover deleted folder from Outlook in few simple steps.

As these tools are risky and costly, it’s better to use manual method to sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar. Follow below mentioned steps to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook calendar.

  1. Open Google Calendar and in the left column click My calendars to expand it
  2. Press the arrow button next to the calendar and click on Calendar Settings
  3. Scroll down and under Private Address, click on ICAL
  4. Using mouse courser highlight the address
  5. Right click to select Copy and Click Ok
  6. Then, go to Microsoft Outlook and click Tools tab
  7. Select Account Settings from drop down list
  8. In the Account Settings window, select Internet Calendars
  9. Now, click on New and paste the address copied from Google Calendar
  10. Click on Add button, it opens Subscription option window
  11. Under General, enter Folder Name and click OK
  12. Now, go to Outlook Calendar window and you will find Google Calendar under Other Calendars

Any modification done to Google Calendar under Outlook will also be saved in server side Google Calendar.