Tool to Fix Outlook 2013 PST File

  • Securely fixes the corrupt Outlook 2013 PST file and recovers all its attributes like emails, appointments, contacts, and much more
  • You can preview the repaired and recovered items in Outlook Style view in demo version prior to activating the software, thereby can evaluate the tool
  • You can navigate through the simple graphical user interface for fixing your corrupted PST file on any of the Outlook versions like Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 etc.


Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular tools, which is used across the globe for sending and receiving emails. Among the different versions of MS Outlook, Outlook 2013 has been recently released as a mode of client communication. Many people across the world are switching to this newer version of application to get access to its newly added features. Outlook Program maintains all its data into a single file which is known as PST file. Sometimes this PST file gets corrupted which ultimately results into inaccessibilty of emails. So if in case, you are not abel to access your Outlook PST 2013 file then don't be annoyed, as there is a tool famous as Outlook Recovery Tool that repairs PST file in Outlook 2013 with ease thereby resoring all your lost data back within few mouse clicks.

Under what circumstances your PST file gets corrupted?

Virus Attack: This is one of the most common reason which makes your PST file corrupt and because of this your PST file data becomes inaccessible. If you are using internet on your computer then chances are high that your computer hard drive might come under the effect of virus. If virus enters into your hard drive where your PST file is saved, then possibilities are high that your PST file may come in the effect of virus or malware program leading to its corruption. Needless to say that this incident will make you disturbed and you will start looking for a tool which can fix Outlook 2013 PST file. Well, simply give a try for Outlook recovery tool that performs Outlook 2013 PST file repair process and fix it with ease. Along with repair, the software will restore all stored data like Notes, tasks, To Do list, Contact, etc. For additional reading, click here

PST Header Corruption: Each PST file contains a header which holds the data about all the vital information stored within it. Thus, PST file header plays an important role and if this header gets corrupted then your entire PST file becomes inaccessible. Post to the PST file header corruption, you will not be able to access its content. However, if you need to repair PST file of your Outlook 2013; then you have to make use this Outlook pst recovery tool.

Incompatibility Issue: If you have been using an older version of Outlook and then decided to switch to Outlook 2013, then you need to import your old PST file to Outlook 2013. But, there are pretty good chances that there can be incompatibility issue due to which your PST file may get corrupted. Due to this the PST file might get unreadable or PST files might also get deleted. But, you can easily fix Outlook 2013 PST file using this recovery app. This app will repair and recover deleted folders from Outlook PST 2010. Tap on the link for additional reading:

Well, no matter under what circumstances your Outlook PST file has been corrupted; Outlook Recovery tool comes handy for repairing the PST file on Outlook 2013 within few easy steps. You can also take assitance of the software for repairing the Outlook 2016 PST file. The software comprises of robust algorithm that scans your corrupted PST file and helps you fix Outlook 2013 PST file in an efficient manner. This application not only repairs Outlook 2013 PST, but also fixes the PST file on other popular versions of Outlook. Remember that if you have lost your data from PST file then you can easily recover by making use of this tool within a fraction of seconds. It can effectively recover inbox from Outlook PST file with the help of this tool.

Steps to repair Outlook 2013 PST file:

Step 1: Just download and install demo version of this software on your computer. After launching the tool you have to select appropriate option as shown in figure 1.

Repair PST File in Outlook 2013 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After this select Browse button to locate your corrupt PST file and tap on Next button. Then, select the scanning method and click on Repair option to repair PST file in Outlook 2013 as shown in figure 2.

Repair PST File in Outlook 2013 - Click on Repair Button

Figure 2: Click on Repair Button

Step 3: Once Outlook 2013 PST file repair process is completed, you can easily preview repaired content as shown in figure 3.

Repair PST File in Outlook 2013 - Preview Repaired Content

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Content