How to Recover Outlook PST File?

The Outlook PST Recovery Tool is an effective utility that fixes the PST file amd recovers the deleted emails, contacts, and other attributes in a couple of minutes. Download the demo version here, and start repairing PST file, and recover deleted items from your Outlook profile. Ypu cam preview the repaired and recovered items at free of cost. Download now!!!


Hello everyone, I am facing a huge data loss problem please help me out from this situation. I was using Microsoft Outlook email client application to manage all my emails and other data attributes from past couple of months. But, the day before yesterday I erased PST file by mistake and now I am unable to access my emails from Outlook profile account. Can anyone suggest me it is possible to perform deleted PST file recovery? Any kind of assistance will be appreciated.

If you have deleted or lost PST files unknowingly, first check it in your recycle bin folder. If it is available, you can restore from their or else only one option left is utilizing the third party tool to recover deleted PST file. After recovering the PST file sometimes you might not able to access data from it, because there is a chance of corrupting or deleting some Outlook items from PST file.

Once you have recovered erased PST file in order to get back your mails and other attributes from PST file you need to use Outlook Recovery Tool.  Let me tell you the truth that, most of the Outlook users are not aware of this. When you delete .pst file, it will reside physically on the memory space of the hard drive but the file shows as deleted for the operating system so that it allow to occupy free space for storing the new data. If you want to take back up of important emails on CD from Outlook then check this out for more information.

Precaution measures for the users:

Soon after deleting PST files user should take one safety measure that is, do not use the system for further use for saving new files to the disk as it may overwrite the memory space where erased PST files are stored. Hence, it is very important to avoid from writing new data into drive. So if the PST file is not overwritten after deletion then there are many probabilities that you can recover Outlook files or get back the PST file. Suppose, if the storage device memory space of the deleted PST-files got overwritten then it is highly impossible for the user to get back all the data items like mails and other attributes from the .PST files. With the aid of this tool you can also erase temporary files from deleted PST file that get stored in the Outlook temporary folder and it can also recover PST from Recycle Bin folder.

Reasons behind deletion of Outlook PST 

  • PST files get deleted after operating system upgradation: When the notification of new update version of operating system is popped up in the PC. Then, user decides to upgrade older or previous version of OS with the new one. During upgradation process their vital mails and other attributes from the inbox folder of MS Outlook application may get erased. In this situation, with the aid of Outlook Recovery Tool user can recover deleted PST file with just few mouse clicks.
  • Oversize PST file: This is the most common reason for deletion of data items from PST files. In older version of MS Outlook application for example, Outlook 2003 the maximum size of PST file is up to 2 GB. If the PST file size is crossed over the default limit then there is chance of deleting some data items or even it can corrupt the PST file. Hence, it is recommended by the experts that make use of newer version of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2007 and above 
  •  Other factors: Few more reasons might be there for loss of Outlook data like the intrusion of malicious program, MS Outlook behaving improperly, abruptly system shut down and more.

What is there for the user in Outlook Recovery Tool?

This software has capacity to recover selective data items from Outlook PST file. With the help of this program’s self descriptive user interface both technical and non technical user can easily understand the recovery process of this tool. Outlook Recovery program recovers erased PST file safely and securely with modifying any contents of the original PST file. It is compatible on all the version of Windows operating system. Follow this URL for retaining data from password protected Outlook PST file If you configured Outlook account on 2013 version then this program has the ability to recover deleted PST file Outlook 2013 also.

Steps to Recover Deleted Outlook PST File

Step 1: After downloading Outlook Recovery Tool, install it on your system. Click on the tool and then, a main screen will appear that pops up with three option. All you need to choose particular option that is based on the file types as shown in the figure 1.

Deleted PST File- Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: By selecting one option, a new window will displayed on the screen. Then, select the drive in search of the PST file as shown in figure 2.

Recover Deleted PST File –Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: In figure 3, choose the file type which you want to recover from list of files displayed on the screen.

Accidentally Deleted PST File- Choose File Type

Figure 3: Choose File Type