Unique way to get rid of Outlook temporary files

Outlook temporary files are nothing but those files which get collected in the Outlooks temporary folder. If these files are not removed from Outlook temporary folder at the right time then any one with whom you are sharing your system may misuse the data present in these files which is quite threatening. Therefore it is highly essential to delete Outlook temp files so that the privacy can be maintained with ease. Sometimes what happens is, due to some unexpected problems such as power failure or manual mistakes some Outlook users face improper Outlook termination problem. If this situation occurs while an Outlook user is sending a mail with some attachments in it then what happens is these attachments which could be certain file types get saved as temporary files in the Outlook temporary folder. This is how temporary files get collected in Outlook temporary folder. Though Outlook deletes these files or attachments soon after you send the message, in some cases such as the one mentioned above these files get struck and then get stored in temporary folder. In order to delete these files you just need to make use of a highly efficient tool such as Remo MORE.

Now you may ask that is it not possible to delete the temporary files manually? The answer is it is indeed possible to delete these files manually. There are a number of manual ways to get rid of these files instantly. But the problem with these ways is that you cannot depend on these all the time. Most of the times these techniques fail away. You may not get the expected results and that is why these techniques are not preferred mostly. But Remo MORE tool which is recommended by many industry experts is excellent software on which you can rely upon at all times. This utility will definitely help you in deleting the unwanted temporary files from Outlook within just few minutes.

While sending some attachments if your MS Outlook gets terminated improperly due to power failure or any such reason then in that situation you can make use of this application to delete the temporary files without any difficulty. This program supports deletion of temporary files from MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It can be easily run on any latest Windows computer which includes Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 7. This utility performs exceptionally well in removing junk files not only from Outlook but also from certain devices such as Android, iPhone etc. Any temporary file which contains essential data in it can be securely erased from Outlook with the help of this application.

Steps to delete Outlook temporary files-

Step 1: Once you run this tool on your Windows computer a screen will come up from which you need to choose "Optimize" option. Then you need to choose "Privacy Cleaner" from the next screen.

Delete Outlook Temp Files - Choose Privacy Cleaner

Figure 1: Choose Privacy Cleaner

Step 2: From the next window select "Clean PC Junk" option. Once you choose this a window will pop up asking you to choose "Windows Temp Files". Select the option and then click on the scan option to begin the scanning process.

Delete Outlook Temp Files - Select Scan Option

Figure 2: Select Scan Option

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed the software will begin cleaning the temporary files from Outlook. Once it completes the cleaning process a window will pop up to indicate that the process is completed.

Delete Outlook Temp Files - Temporary Files Cleaning Process Completion

Figure 3: Temporary Files Cleaning Process Completion